Meet your Professional Pharmacology CE/CME Requirements with a course from University Learning Systems

Pharmacology Focused - ULS focuses exclusively on evidence based pharmacotherapy for pharmacists, physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and addiction professionals.

Expert Clinical Faculty -Our faculty members are clinical instructors at top medical and pharmacy schools across the country and teach clinical pharmacology to medical and pharmacy students. They are  involved in patient care themselves since we believe that only those who see patients themselves can provide the knowledge and skills to improve your patient outcomes.

No Commercial Support- ULS presents unbiased, evidenced based drug information.

Popular Destinations -Our live CME seminars are held at tranquil locations selected so that you can truly get away while you earn your continuing education. “Relax and Learn”

Convenient Schedules -Morning sessions allow you the afternoon and evening to enjoy recreation, socializing or just relax.

Relaxed Atmosphere -ULS prides itself on providing a relaxed, interactive environment in our seminars. Audience members are encouraged to ask questions during the seminar. Lively discussions are the norm!

Free Content - See the first hour of many of our recorded seminars on YouTube.